The first project the Chariots of Destiny Organization members embarked on was to donate a wheelchair to James Njoroge. He was a young man paralyzed from the waist down and as a result of his poor back ground; James had to crawl to the hospital on rough terrain many kilometers away because he could not afford a wheelchair. A few months later after our visit James passed away.

Today thousands of people are living with disabilities and do not have access to or even afford a wheelchair! The Chariots of Destiny Organization has launched a program dubbed the "Adopt a Chair Project" to provide wheelchairs to the less fortunate individuals living with disabilities! Through this project we aim to give people with disabilities the opportunity to present themselves as they are - entirely normal people with strong personalities looking for a second chance at life!

Thousands of disabled people and children in Kenya and especially in the rural areas are too poor to afford a wheelchair. As a result they suffer the indignity of having to crawl on the ground or be carried by friends and family. COD aims to provide EVERY ONE of them with a wheelchair so as to enable them to experience the freedom they so richly deserve!

The cost of wheelchairs in Kenya goes for roughly $200 each! A cost that is evidently too high considering the additional enormous costs individuals with disabilities face!The Chariots of Destiny Organization has launched a program to source for groups of people to buy one wheelchair every month for a different beneficiary. The different groups range from as little as 500 shillings per month, 1000 shillings per month or $20 per month to be able to supply at least one wheelchair and change lives ONE BY ONE!

COD believes It is difficult to retain nobility without mobility however great one's spirit may be. Dignity depends a great deal on independence and a wheelchair would give these individuals the Mobility they need!

To learn more how you can support this project please send an e-mail to for more details. COD guarantees that your donation will be used for the intended purpose and will transform a life!



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