The B.A.N.D project is an information awareness project whose main objective is to give individuals living with spinal cord injuries the information, education and resources they need to prepare them to live with their new "condition" after injury. Once people leave a rehabilitation center, they often have no further resources to assist them to cope with the changes in their lives. The Chariots of Destiny Organization has launched a project called "Bags of a New Destiny" which provides a bag full of information to each person/beneficiary living with a spinal cord injury.

The bag contains samples of health care products needed to manage quadriplegia or paraplegia such as catheters. It also contains information on spinal cord injury and its consequences, coping with mobility impairment, reading manuals, journals, CDs and DVDs, information on the rights of persons with disabilities, and most of the necessary information needed to learn how to live with a spinal cord injury.


The Chariots of Destiny Organization is delighted to launch this first of its kind project in Kenya which has been supported by HP East Africa Limited.


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